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My son is 12 years old. The dentist mentioned that he has a crossbite problem for which he will be required to use an expander, also he will need braces. Is this recommended?

There are multiple ways to treat that problem. Mentioned option is one mode of treatment.

What is the best way to maintain dental health? My daughter brushes twice a day, still has cavities. We have done filling of two molars. Rest cavities are on milk teeth. Any suggestions that it doesn't spread to the permanent teeth.

It’s not just brushing. You should brush twice, have lots of fluid and fibre food, rinse every time you put something in the mouth and use ‘flush’ principle after every use. Keep restrictions on sugar intake. Chocolates are just one form of it.

My son is 13 years old. I need to put braces for his teeth. I showed it to a dentist and he suggested 4-5 types of braces for him. Can you please suggest which braces are good for a 13 year old boy?

All braces systems are good. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Basic braces start from 25 to 30 k and the latest esthetic system in which the treatment you get is never noticed, starts at 1 lakh minimum.

My son is 2.5 years old and his two teeth have turned black. Doctors have recommended root canal. Is it the right age to do root canal?

It’s a routine thing these days. For simple understanding, the tooth has 3 layers, cavity fillings are done for the first 2 layers. The third layer is nerve so once it gets infected, root canal treatment is the only option. Milk teeth root canals are done to prevent the spread of infection to permanent teeth or else they get infected. Have done root canals for kids less than 2 years also.

My daughter is 2.7 years old and at night she wants me to massage her gums in a particular area. Is it the sign of cavities being developed? Do I need to show her to a doctor as it's almost been a month in which it is constantly happening.

Milk teeth are 20 so do check the count. It is possible that her molar is erupting. I doubt cavity.

My daughter is 8.8 years old. She brushes twice a day. She has a black spot on her back tooth -molars. Will it be clean and clear to do cleaning through a doctor?

Will need one cleaning appointment with a dentist.

Young children don't do mouth flush at night. Please suggest a correct way for the same.

Let them swallow the water, use drinking water. It’s a slow process but you need to start early.

Is there any chance that he will have to remove his premolars for the braces treatment, and if yes, what are the side-effects? Can we save premolars? The braces treatment doctor mentioned that we may need to remove his 4 premolars permanently, as his jaw size is small compared to the teeth size.

Yes sometimes you need to remove premolars. Gross space deficiency case where you need to reduce the number in the small jaw with big teeth size problem

What is the best possible natural way to make the teeth whiter? My 11 year old son’s teeth are slowly turning yellow.

This is due to improper brushing. Motivate to brush with a little more force.

My child is six year old. He likes fruit more than anything. Do cavity problems increase because of eating lots of fruits?

Natural sugars in fruit are not that bad. Artificial sugars are bad.

What are the side effects of removing premolars? And why only premolars for the braces procedure?

There are no side effects. They are not in the esthetic zone and don’t affect the chewing mechanisms.

Any particular toothpaste recommended by you?

All brands are good. No marketing of any. Again depends on your spending. Expensive toothpaste available on Amazon worth 1000 plus. Still no guarantee for no cavities.

Child drinks milk at 4 am and goes back to sleep. She wakes up at 6am and brushes. I can see cavities in premolars. (Age- 3.8 years)

That is not hygienic. Give him some water.

Are Ayurvedic toothpastes like meswak or patanjali, a better choice over colgate?

They contain rough granules and are also good. Colgate like allopathy pastes are based on chemical cleaning. Ayurveda pastes on abrasive actions. This is a simplified understanding.

I have a 2.5 year old girl. We use Vicco Vajradanti as toothpaste for the family. Is it good enough?

Brush her teeth. I say buy a new brand every time a change of taste happens. Prefer any kids allopathy or ayurveda pastes.

Teeth problems hereditary or not ?

Yes it is. But not 100 percent. Dental disease is due to more lifestyle and other factors are compounding.

What is to be done to maintain tooth hygiene, except brushing twice a day?

That is the basic level of security. When the threat goes up, flossing, use of mouth washes, water flossing (new) is recommended. If you have cavity problems based on the intensity, the booster is needed or else routine brush is sufficient.

Which mouthwashes are good for 8 year and 13 year old kids?

Mouth wash only if high cavity risk. Listerine plax brands are for bad breath. They have more alcohol content and produce a dry mouth so not recommended. Kidodent undiluted, Colgate phosflur 1:1 dilution for kids and adults undiluted.

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Amey Panse – Dental Health For Children

Amey Panse – Dental Health For Children

Amey Panse is a pediatric dentist by profession. He has worked as Faculty for under Graduation and post Graduation teaching in Dept of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Sinhgad Dental College Hospital, Pune and as a Pediatric Dental Consultant in numerous clinics in Pune, Baramati,Satara, Phaltan. Amey Panse has established a dental practice exclusive for kids in Baner since Dec 2009. 

Numerous Papers in which he was published include- ‘Correlation between Dental Traumatic Injuries and Overjet among 11 to 17 years Indian Girls with Angle’s Class I Molar Relation in Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice’ and ‘Surgical Removal of Supernumerary Teeth – A Case Report IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Volume 13, Issue 9 (Sep. 2014), PP 56-60’. 

Amey Panse is a very Child friendly Doctor and receives a positive response from his patients.