What is a Parenting MasterClass ?

Our Parenting MasterClass is an interactive Workshop with Experts from the area of Parenting,Child Psychology,Children Health,Fitness,Education,Sports etc who would take up the session on a specific topic.

The idea is to discuss and ask questions on the topic so that participants can get their concepts,doubts cleared on the subject with the minimal time that they can spare.

The MasterClass is structured for Parents as participants and the number of participants will be limited to ensure active engagement.

The MasterClass will comprise of expert knowledge,discussion with participants, answering specific questions of participants and engage in a result oriented approach.

Parenting MasterClass on 2nd February, 2020
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: Hall no.7,ICC Towers , Senapati Bapat Road,Pune

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Price: Rs.1500 per participant

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Breaking Screen Addiction for Your Child 

Screens like TV, smartphones and tabs are now in the hands of everyone from toddlers to the elderly. While any new technology has its pros and cons, “screens” have quickly become the No. 1 concern of urban parents worldwide. The reason is simple- being online on social media, or gaming, can release dopamine-cycle. Dopamine is the same neurochemical which is responsible for our addiction to drugs or alcohol.
During the Master Class, parents will
1. Learn about the underlying mechanisms of screen addiction.
2. Learn the critical difference between time spent on YouTube, Instagram, Gaming & TV
3. Learn ways to AVOID getting their kids hooked to screens
4. Learn a system to reduce and remove the dependency on screens
5. Get answers to their specific situations and challenges for managing screen-time
Parenting as a journey is hard enough. Let us equip ourselves to fight the new-age demons by pooling our wisdom.

Expert Profile:

Nilima Amit

Certified Holistic Life Coach And Reiki Healer

Nilima is from One Life Many Journeys, a Certified Holistic Life Coach from University of Wellness and a Reiki healer. Being a coach and healer helps her to empower people who are at a crossroad of life trying to find their true purpose. She conducts various workshops on various topics to help children, teens and adults become better emotionally and spiritually.She has has an experience of 17 years in Corporate life before she became a Life Coach. She is also a volunteer with Keep Moving Movement an initiative of LifeSchool, under which they visit various schools and conduct life skills trainings for students of 9th and 10th.

She has successfully conducted  Children Empowerment workshop for Children and Parents.

She also conducts life skill sessions for Juvenile Children with Care for You Foundation

Help Your Child Overcome Fear

Fear is something all of us had at some time or the other, during our childhood. Children have fear of exams, water, darkness, and many more, and we as parents want them to overcome them. When parents understand where these fears are coming from, what causes them, and how we as parents are part of it, then, we can actually work towards a way how to deal with it.

During this MasterClass, parents will:

  1. Learn how fears are created in the mind of the child
  2. Learn how we as parents, unconsciously contribute to this fear
  3. Learn how these fears are an outcome of their beliefs and experiences
  4. Learn what parents can alter their behavior to support the child
  5. Learn simple tools to change the fear-mindset
  6. Learn to use positive emotional anchors to create a ‘confidence field’ for the child

Expert Profile:

Shyam Kalle
Shyam is an Author, Mentor and Success Coach, NLP Expert, and Behavioral Skills Trainer, with over 27 years of Corporate IT Delivery and Leadership experience. He has conducted:

  1. Personal success/performance coaching for professionals; and,
  2. Behavioral and Transformational (mind-power) workshops for executives, and leaders from different backgrounds

He is also the Author of the Amazon Best Seller Book – “The Unbound
Transformation” for personal success and excellence (available on Amazon and Kindle)

Professional Qualifications and Accreditations :

  1. Certified Success Coach, accredited to ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  2. Certified NLP Coach Master Practitioner from ICTA (International Coach and Trainers’ Association – Europe)
  3. Certified NLP Master Practitioner from (ANLP-India)
  4. Certified Enneagram Practitioner from ICTA (International Coach and Trainers’ Association – Europe)
  5. Certified Dermatoglyphic Consultant (Biometric Tests to determine In-born talent based on scientific study)