Dr. Nidhi Agarwal – When Teenager’s Irregular Periods Is Cause of Concern

When Teenager's Irregular Periods Is Cause of Concern
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As per my knowledge, with white discharge lots of protein flows out of the body. Kindly suggests how to stop the protein flow or retain it. (Age-15 years)

To stop white discharge try giving her more fluids and give her ajwain and saunf water at bedtime . You can also give her spinach, carrot, amla juice.


I am the father of an 8 year old girl, I have a generic question what all I need to take care at this age regarding menstrual health. I know it is generic so if you can direct to any reference material that would also help.

Maintain the food time and water intake for your daughter. Try giving her more iron rich foods like leafy veggies/ raisins / dates / etc and also teach her the basics of menstrual health (example- how to maintain hygiene during the cycle and how often they need to change pads ).

Is there an approximate age when the period cycle generally starts?

It can start at 8 years till 12 years as well (it depends on the child’s body)

My daughter is 16, she has severe pain during the first two days of her periods , please suggest home remedies for pain relief.

Give ajwain, jeera ginger water once period starts. Add jaggery in her diet and give spinach carrot beet juice everyday.

What are the causes for PCOD and what precautions can be taken so that child doesn't get PCOD in the future as it is getting very common in today's generation.

It’s a lifestyle disease where kids are indulging in junk / less movement/ more gadgets / more processed food.

Why are girls getting PCOD at such a young age now a days?

Mostly the cause is unknown, but majorly it is a lifestyle disease.

My daughter is 8 years old. I can see girls as young as 10 years old are attaining puberty. What can I do to help push the age up to 12 or 13.

It is a natural process. Try maintaining her healthy lifestyle.

Is PCOD a stress related issue?

Yes, it can be.

Earlier when we were kids, I have not seen girls attaining puberty before their 7th or 8th standard. So how can I try to delay this or what is the reason for this?

Earlier times were different. Comparisons cannot really be made.

What precautions can be taken to prevent PCOD?

Precautions are to avoid junk / processed food / and to give them more clean food with less oil / avoid milk / give more water / movement and sleep is essential too.

My 13 year old daughter started her periods in August, were regular with a delay of 1 week until November but after that she didn't have till now. Is it normal or will have to visit the doctor?

Wait for one more month. It is normal if she is not getting any physical complaint like weight gain / acne / hair fall.

My son is 11 years old and is hyperactive. He has suddenly started to revolt and replies back in anger. At what age do boys have hormonal changes? Are the anger issues related to the hormonal change?

Yes anger issues are related to hormones too. Boys also have hormonal changes and age varies from 8 years to 13 years.

My daughter is 20 years and she had her 1st period at 14 years and since then it is irregular. Sometimes 4 months delayed, at times it is 8 months delayed too. Have undergone all tests, ultrasound, thyroid, all are normal. She has taken medication of allopathic, homeopathy, but not completely effective yet, it is still irregular. What do you suggest on this?

I need to have complete details for that. If physically she has no issues than it can be stress related or behavior related too.

My daughter is 12 years old. She suffers from acute abdominal pain 4-5 days prior to her periods. Is this normal?

Yes it is normal as it is majorly due to muscle contraction. Try avoiding more salty and sugar before periods.

What are the major reasons for heavy periods?

Obesity / anaemia/ hormonal changes are the reasons for heavy periods.

Does stress cause missed period, say for 5-6 months?

Yes stress and climate change as well

My friends' daughter is 18 years old and is having irregular periods, diagnosed with small cyst in both the ovaries. Without medicines she didn't get her monthly cycle. At 15 she was diagnosed with thyroid. Any home remedy that can help because with medicines she puts on weight. So her mother is looking for some home remedy for it.

Need more details to prescribe anything. Till then avoid milk and milk products/ no cabbage , cauliflower variety / no processed food. Also ask to include more water.

How does climate change bring about period problem?

It impacts your hormones big time, gives you mood swings and imbalances your hormonal secretion. Seasonal change as well as over all climate change brings changes if a child is susceptible to fall sick frequently / or on regular meds for cold and cough / stomach issues.

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