Hyperactivity and Learning Difficulties in Children

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Lots of activities are there to increase concentration including games to be played with them. Joining a sport of eye-hand coordination is also a good idea. Reduction of screen time is essential.

Do some speech therapy activities. OTMOM is a good site to find few.

Getting assessment done is a good idea. Reduce sugar intake. Explain rules before hand stick to the consequences.

Certified remedial teacher with Psychological background with one on one sessions and who explains parents plan beforehand,keeps them informed is a good one. Also get assessment done to see what are the areas child needs help.

May be she finds it difficult to focus, but study can be fun as well. Involve her in household chores. Explain rules and consequences beforehand.

Channelise his energy by involving him in sports like swimming , athletics. Also reduce sugar and bakery intake.

Regular one to one remediation will help. Get behavioural modification plan done from expert and ask them how you should help the child at home. You can also join a support group.

Any struggle in reading , writing or mathematics could be LD. Is child at par with classmates, is he enjoys going to school and other matters can indicate so.

Make a behavioural modification plan.. get involved. Ask for this to be done at home. Monitor diet. Remediation one to one will help.

Sport like swimming, running, yoga will help too.

He may be LD or not. Develop interest with activities, let him watch children movies, read stories with them in that language.

I doubt. It depends on the level of LD of the child and the expertise of the teacher. Ask them to witness one of such sessions and judge for yourself.

Channelise energy, play group sports, reduce sugar and bakery intake, get evaluation done.

This could be teenage adding to the problems. Get help if required. Teens being rebellious is very normal. Patience from your side will also help.

Get Psychological evaluation done. Schools should not only complain but also ask them what is their plan to handle academics. Attention issues are beyond the child’s control, everyone else has to roll sleeves and help child.

It can stay in control if child develops coping strategies. It doesn’t go away, but child learns to keep in tab.

Just focus on communication and exposure to language, reading and writing will follow.

Get behavioural modification plan. Let him be very focused to this months top three issues and work together as a team. Join a support group. There are no deliberate mistakes. All are genuine, get assessment done and being submissive is not bad as per say.

Explain teachers how she is. They have to have different plans to keep her engaged. Let her experiment on her own as it looks like she is a hands on learner.

Concentration improvement activities , brain gym activities, swimming helps in this. There are thousands of activities on the internet. You can choose as per your child’s liking.

Losing friends , change in environment affects child. If ICSE board some children can’t cope then you might think of changing. Ask around what are schools policies to help LD and ADHD children. Do they have counsellors, remedial teachers, special educator on role as it is mandatory now.

This is a typical dyslexia issue. Help her to colour code while copying. Ask her to recheck what she had copied. Or get written work from some other child, knowing concepts is learning not copying from board.

Good you want to help. Educate yourself about autism. Plenty of activities are available on the net. Sensitivity to noise is common in autism. One to one session would help.

Get evaluation done. Find good pediatric psychiatrist and psychologist. Please get help asap.

Why is she so afraid. Tell her it’s not the end of the world if homework is not done, it will relax her.

Have help to keep an eye on her and let her explore. At home everything is just the same. New places interest children so let her explore as that’s the best way to learn.

At times awareness helps, but they should not use it to get away with work. Explain what is the issue and why it’s there. What we have to do to work on it together and give confidence that it’s not just a problem. Explain the good side of it as well.

Find out why he does not write. Assessment needs to be done as could be genuine LD problems. Don’t waste any more time. Right help will increase his interest in writing, till then make him read and verbally explain what he understood.

Don’t force, find why is the reluctance. Give him confidence that you are at his side. School is good for disciplined routine. Get external help if required and check with school on what is their observation.

Make them sit in front to start with, away from the window. Also engage them in different tasks.

You have plenty of time in hand to work with them. Early detection is good. Let teachers know what these two problems mean exactly. Educate them, keep a psychologist, remedial teacher always at hand. Stay well connected as we are blessed to be in a city like Pune where all these helps are available. Don’t get overwhelmed, stay calm all will be good. Right diagnosis right remediation are the keys to success.

Home tutor does not necessarily know how to help children with LD. Focus on reading first and then communication. Let vocabulary increase, play language games, let him enjoy studying and don’t worry too much. There is plenty of time in hand

Get eyes checked. Could be focus issue. Use bright colours and clues to find things. It also could just be ignorance.

Writing in bold print, with clay, in sand will help. Focused efforts to correct each mirror image letter needs to be taken.

Channelise energy. Swimming, running helps in these cases.

It is just one of the aspects. It pumps up energy but is not the only reason why child is hyperactive.

Sure. Parents are the best teachers and helping hands to children. It’s brilliant if you do so.

Children having ADHD are good in sports, they are good in hands on joys, can do sports professional y, can join defence and there are many more good sides to this.

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Aparna Dixit – Hyperactivity and Learning Disability

Aparna Dixit is a child psychologist by profession. She is a remedial teacher and behavioral therapist with focus on children and adolescents. She writes and conducts workshops for teachers , parents and counselors on topics related to mental health.

Aparna Dixit – Hyperactivity and Learning Disability is expert in children behavioral issues, learning difficulties, time management, stress management, developmental disorders and addictions among children and adolescents. She has completed many certification courses and is experienced in research based projects carried out in the University of Pune.

She is associated as a counselling psychologist for the Global Grant project by the Rotary club of Hubli east and the rotary club of Wellesley, USA. Aparna Dixit believes that mental health and well being are closely related with our perspective. She says that designing a life based on broader perspective rather than narrower, will bring forth our best self and help each one of us reach our full potential.
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