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Low immunity can allow pathogens (bad viruses, bacteria etc) to grow in eyes, ears and then cause symptoms that mimic an allergy.

He/ She could be deficient in immunity boosting nutrients like zinc, B-12, Vit C and could also be eating foods that trigger eczema and make it worse. I would recommend you to eliminate dairy and wheat completely from his diet.

That’s because his brain is addicted to the dopamine rush that sugar triggers. Wean him from sugar and jaggery first. Offer natural sources of sugar like dates, fruits and honey (in limited quantities).

Yes, absolutely.

No, not really.

Lots of berries and fruits as these have natural antioxidants. I would recommend Lemon Balm (it’s a herb like pudina) tea, it helps boost immunity. Also echinacea, but if they are low in zinc, they can get recurrent infections.

The food she is eating is making her bodily function worse. You can introduce vegetable soups etc in small quantities and fruit smoothies so that she gets the nutrition she needs.


When teeth start developing. That is an indication from the body that it is ready to chew food.


Dairy feeds pathogens- bad bacteria and viruses and makes infections worse. Please avoid it. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, an essential nutrient to boost immunity.

Citrus fruits don’t trigger cough and cold. I know this might sound against all the advice you’ve been given. The root cause is most likely other wrong food or a deficiency.

Yes, it’s true. Most infections are viral in nature and the body is capable of fighting it provided it has the right resources. Antibiotics are unnecessary most of the time.

Sunlight is good but we still need more Vitamin D what we get in 10-15 mins of exposure. Most of us need a Vitamin D supplement.

Please get her blood tests done to see if deficiencies are lowering her immunity.

We work with kids who have these issues, but it will need a longer discussion for this.

Not advisable. Is there any other animal on this planet that drinks another mammal’s milk? We don’t need dairy in our diet at all. A2 milk is good for A2 calves. Not for human babies.

SLS store, Adrish Aundh, Mera Farmer is a trusted source. Activated Charcoal can be used to clean.

Fruit plus a complex carbohydrate like steel cuts, oats, porridge or millets or idli or dosa.

She might be having acid reflux. This needs deeper looking into root causes. It is not normal to vomit after food in the morning.

Jaggery and Sugar should not be given. Honey is a Yes.

All fruits, vegetables are immunity boosting food. The less processed they are, the better it is.

If cold is a constant thing, then I am sure there is a Zinc, B-12, Vitamin D deficiency. Please get it checked.

We need to work on his patterns. This takes time and effort and doesn’t happen overnight. But the current habit is definitely going to worsen his health over time.

B-12 and Vitamin D needs supplementation. Zinc sources @⁨+91 77966 92503⁩ will answer.

They shouldn’t be getting affected. It is not normal to fall prey to infections this easily. That’s why finding out the root causes for the same is important.

Yes,You can

I need a longer conversation for this. But these foods should not be triggering a cold. The only reason I can think of is that maybe they are not organic and the chemicals and toxins on them is what she is reacting to.

Please get his B-12, Vitamin D, Zinc etc status checked. Make sure there’s enough protein in his daily diet. And no, there’s no need to avoid oranges and grapes.

No. Steroids are not the answer. Just cut off dairy and see if there’s an improvement. If not, please ping us and we will be able to help for sure.

We have worked with Autistic kids whose immunity has been restored. They are the fussiest eaters, if they can start eating healthy, anyone can.

Oatmilk, almond milk are good alternatives.

Are you and his father tall? He may be genetically primed for height.

You will need to change your diet a bit. Also, a probiotic will help. It also depends if he was a C-section baby.

Yes. Ghee is too saturated, it causes an overload to the liver. If the liver is overloaded, the body cannot detox and then immunity gets compromised.

Carbohydrates- Millets, Brown/ Red Rice, Oats
Protein- Dals, pulses, legumes,
Fat- whole food- seeds, nuts, avocados, some amount of coconut- there’s no need for oil/ ghee.
Fruits and Veggies for micronutrients
Supplements for deficiencies of specific nutrients like B-12, VitD, Zinc, Magnesium etc (if needed). The only milk humans need, is the milk humans produce- aka breast milk. Once the child weans of it, there is no need for any other milk. Yes, go organic to minimize toxin exposure.

The Root causes of low immunity are as follows:

  1. Deficiencies
  2. Overload of pathogens (bad viruses and bacteria), eating the wrong kind of food can help these grow.
  3. Too many toxins from the environment.
  4. Stress

I don’t recommend animal products because they are loaded with hormones, antibiotics and other toxins. Milk- please refer to my earlier answers.

It is better to do blood tests so that we know which ones to recommend as we don’t do generic supplementation unless there’s a need.

Whole food plant based until health is stabilized, then adding animal products can be considered if necessary.

Yes, you can.

Kefir is made with milk. Yakult has more sugar than chocolate. Plus it is made with dairy. For probiotics either you make fermented foods like sauerkraut etc or take an occasional supplement to restore gut flora. If a child eats enough fiber, a good gut flora naturally establishes itself.

I don’t currently recommend it as it is heavily genetically modified. But we are researching soy.

How long will he run away? Humans are not designed to starve themselves. Parents are the ones who panic. If there are no other options, he will eat what is available. Fussy eaters are usually the ones who have learned this behaviour.

You can make it at home. 100 gm of almonds gives you 1 liter of milk.

Whole grains and millets, dals, fruits and vegetables. Please make sure she at least eats a fruit before she leaves. Our brains need glucose to function optimally.

Steaming them is enough if raw is too hard to digest.

The guidelines are the same. But if you need specific help, then we need to look for what’s really going on inside the body.

Enterogermina/ delponorm are good.

Are Eggs good for you?
The egg industry’s marketing capabilities are second only to the dairy industry. In other words, they are phenomenally good in convincing most people that eggs are good for human health.

Well, here’s some evidence backed data for you to read and we’ll let you decide if eggs are good for you.

  1. Dioxins are present in eggs (even free-range and organic eggs). Dioxins are highly toxic compounds that accumulate in fatty tissues of animals. So every egg you eat, you are loading your body with disease causing toxins.
  2. Within about an hour of eating two hard-boiled eggs, there is a bump in TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide) levels in the blood. The more TMAO people had in their blood, the greater the odds they have heart disease and the worse their heart disease was.
  3. Eggs are high in fat and dietary fat is the root cause of insulin resistance which leads to diabetes and eventually other cardiometabolic dysfunctions
  4. Eggs present a huge risk for human health due their microbiological status, they are the biggest carriers of Salmonella. Secondly they feed the Epstein Barr Virus (a common herpesvirus with high infection rate that’s at the root cause of many modern day diseases from Cancer to Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  5. Eggs have residues of veterinary drugs, because laying hens treated with pharmaceutical products which lead to contaminated eggs
  6. Besides which the level of cruelty that occurs in the poultry industry is appalling!

If you want to increase your child’s immunity, the best thing to do is get their blood tests done, look for all root causes, make sure everything is at optimal levels. If internal health is 100/100 then externally there will be no symptoms of sickness.

Whole food plant based until health is stabilized, then adding animal products can be considered if necessary.

Whole food plant based until health is stabilized, then adding animal products can be considered if necessary.

Whole food plant based until health is stabilized, then adding animal products can be considered if necessary.

Supplement recommendations we do only after blood tests.

If they recover on their own without medicines then yes.

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Mugdha Pradhan – Immunity and nutrition

Mugdha Pradhan – Immunity and nutrition

Mugdha Pradhan is a Functional Nutritionist and Founder, The Thrive Life. Mugdha has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and has spent close to two decades in the arena of health and wellness. She  discovered Functional Medicine when her own health took a nosedive. Using modern principles of functional medicine along with ancient wisdom about food and basing it on a sound foundation of spirituality she recovered from a multitude of chronic illnesses- not only did she lose 37 kgs, but she also reversed an autoimmune thyroid dysfunction (Hashimotos), diabetes and depression. She founded Thrive in 2017 to help others heal from chronic illnesses with her simple systems and methods. She has successfully healed over 200 unique cases so far. She now has a vision of healing 1 Million people through Thrive.

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