Impact of Genes on your kids , what is hereditary and what is not

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50% each. However certain factors like height come from father and weight comes from mother.

Yes. Behavior patterns are controlled majorly by genes, environment and the way in which the child is brought up.

Yes, it is. But these days thanks to our lifestyle and environment we live in has much more influence on the existence of diabetes, cardiac and renal problems

Everything is related to our genes since they make up who we are. However the environment or way we live makes a lot of difference. For example, a kid may be born with great intelligence however IG is deprived of nutrition, he cannot grow

Yes, both genetic and environmental.

Same story in my house. But this is more of what exposure you give your child and how you nurture the child.

Height is inherited by father, weight is mother.

There are some things which are in nobody’s hands. Let’s not think about them.

Yes, it definitely will

Yes. Genetically one can be predisposed to dryness. Increase the intake of ghee (homemade), flax seeds, almonds, walnuts in the diet.

Yes. This is relatively a new field that still is developing. 75% of emotional intelligence is developed from external factors. However there is a great association on the prenatal condition too. Up to 25% of basic habits are transferred.

Yes, very much. A man or woman who is a heavy drinker or smoker most of the time are diagnosed with psychological problems and so are their children. Hence we Indian believe in Garbh Sanskar.

In your case, you all are carriers as well as expressers of these traits. There are many high chances that this will pass on to your kids. Now that there is nothing much that can be done at a genetic level, you will have to take Care of it externally. for example, limit exposure to TV and gadgets. In school make sure there is appropriate distance between her and the books. Make sure she is writing properly. Give her a good source of Vit A.

Obesity is also hereditary. But these days it is more lifestyle oriented. We have to live healthy and practice healthy eating and exercising habits so that our kids can have the same role model. Practice what you preach.

Unfortunately change is not welcome by anyone and change is the spice of life. Changes are known as mutations. If an extra chromosome (unit of genes) may result in downs syndrome, autism. These conditions are become common these days, however answers are still unknown

Yes. This has happened in my family too. My father in law had a history of gallstones which is very common. However my son has a rare disorder and eventually had to face a liver transplant. Unfortunately my husband too has that risk. However now my grandkids have the most risk, since till my husband the genes were only carried, my son expressed it

This is a case of regressive autism which means that as kids they are good, but later they show autism features. I unfortunately have not much knowledge about this

Pumpkin, carrot, papaya and fish.

You yourself have answered your question. It is a part of your fetal development. This is carried throughout your life. There might have been times when you are happy but are unable to feel happiness because your sister might be sad or vice versa too. Very common in identical twins.

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Shweta Karodi – Impact of Genes on your kids , what is hereditary and what is not

Shweta Karodi –  Impact of Genes on your kids , what is hereditary and what is not

Shweta Karodi completed her MSc in Genetics and Cancer studies from the UK. She used to be a Market Researcher for 7 years until she came to her son’s needs of  a liver transplant. It has been a year now that as a family they have gone through it and are surviving well. Now she is a full time mother taking care of her son. Her daily routine is to make him ready to go to various therapies since he has ADHD and looking after him. However she is  now giving her knowledge and experience to people to make this world a better place to live.