Self Study Skills

Expert session Questions and Answers

It is a matter of his experience and learning style. Exams are now a matter of debate but you can make it easy with practice of answering from smaller to big one.

We need to give him practice of essay writing on any topic so that he will develop his own memory styles. Working on thought process then asking multiple questions.

He is having more energy to utilize. Better give him activity based learning. He is good at reading which means he will take responsibility for listening.

Language is always the way of communication. So for global connect, we need to be fearless in the global language.

Every 10 years, hormonal changes occur. Let him be and we need to just give him some task to get engaged. Words will not work.

Writing speed is very important. She should daily solve papers with time span. She needs to make schedule of daily syllabus.

Just diverting you. Just follow her target with her own. As per her aim and reason to appear for exams we need to take her in confidence and plan out strategy. That we provide in program

Lakshya. Simple thing, if you want to give her learning of alphabets of hindi, there are games that we have to create interest and learning with permanent marks. Just make number cards. Ask her to stamp on them along with you. If the subject is math, then write numbers with her. You can also use housie numbers for multiplication.

Even I give learning with gadgets, but we need to search and give her links. Just to open talk or understand the topic is good but taking notes and then explanation, i.e. self teaching and setting questions should be done. Time management learning is a very important part. Only then will they complete it within time.

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Manjusha Bhaskarwar – Self Study Skills

Manjusha Bhaskarwar – Self Study Skills

Manjusha Bhaskarwar is the Director at Bon Debut. She is a Career Transition Expert, Trainer, Motivational Speaker-Parenting. She has done LLB, Masters in Fine Arts Research in Improvisation Theatre and has been an Education Career Transition Expert for more than 12 years. Manjusha Bhaskarwar developed the concept of Dazzling club for the overall development of children. She takes one on one coaching and counseling for children and takes Parenting sessions as well.

She works for career development of all age groups with respect to resume and selection of areas where one can excel. Her Specialization is in using Improvisations and warm-ups as an effective Trans-formative tool in her workshops.