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My daughter is going to be 7 soon. She has continuous itching on her back during the day and gets worse in the night/ during her sleep time. Even moisturizers/ creams are not able to soothe her. Her diet primarily consists of vegetarian foods along with cow milk (daily), cheese ( occasionally), walnuts(everyday, she doesn't prefer any other nuts) and peanut butter. (Not sure if any of the foods is triggering her itch, tried eliminating many foods but of no use). Please suggest any tests or remedies to relieve her of her symptoms. Thank you.

Food allergy is very common in kids. Many outgrow as they age. Peanut butter is known to cause hypersensitivity reactions. Try eliminating it from her diet. If symptoms regress then you can start reintroducing in a very small quantity to begin and then increase the amount. Same can be tried for other food items. If symptoms persist you can give her OTC antihistamines. If that doesn’t help you may have to get her allergy test done.

Since yesterday my 3 year old daughter has been getting a fever. She also has a cold. We are giving her paracetamol whenever it goes beyond 100 degrees. (Usually at a break of 8 - 10 hours). Just now we gave her kufril for her cold. Cold seems better now. But is there anything to worry about? Or is it normal viral?

Most likely viral fever. If she has a sore throat, cough and if fever persists beyond 48 hours, better to show her to a doctor.

My daughter is 9 years old and she gets gases very fast. From a couple of days her stools are very difficult, she literally cries, it's that hard. Is it because I am giving her Dexorange medicine?

That could be one of the causes. But commonly it’s cause of lack of fibres and less water. Now due to lock down even her activity levels must be low. Try to work on these first.

My daughter is 15, however even after almost two years her menstruation cycle is irregular. Please advise. Also what should she include in her diet to help get the cycle regular.

It’s common to have irregular menses after menarche. Wait for a year or so. If she is overweight , that should be corrected.

My son is 15 years old. His stool motion is not proper. Please suggest.

Increase fibre intake – green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads. Increase water intake, exercise.

My daughter is 5 months and 12 days and her weight is 7kg. Till now she is exclusively on BM but these days she doesn't like to take BM rather cries for food which we are having. Can I start puries?

She is almost 6 months now so you can definitely start with top feeding. Maybe the quantity of BM is not enough for her now.

Most of the time my daughter's mouth is open while sleeping especially. She breaths from her mouth. Is there anything to worry about? For the past 15 days I'm using nasomist nasal spray.

No need to worry now. If this persists and if snores loudly then you may have to consult an ENT to look for adenoids.

My son is 2.5 months old. After 1 week of his birth he started to clear stool every week i.e. after every 7 to 8 days he cleared the stool. Sometimes he also gets hiccups. Is it normal?

Does his tummy look distended? Does he cry while passing motion ?

My son is 5 years old. He doesn't eat his food properly. We have to put a lot of effort into making him eat. Please suggest something that I can do.

Try distracting his mind. Reward and appreciation are good ways to encourage good eating habits. Increase his activity level.

My daughter is 8, few of her hair are turning white. What care should be taken? Her dietary habits are good.

Majority of times, it’s a sign of nutritional deficiency. Iron, copper, PEM are all associated. You can get her investigated.

My daughter is 5 years old. Recently she is complaining of sweaty palms. This happens if she is holding a pencil for sometime or playing with a bat or racquet. Please advise how to help her.

Commonly stress causes this. No need to worry much about it. She will outgrow this.

My kid is 2.6 years old. She is getting rashes on her neck and on head in between her hair. I think this is due to heat. I have put baby powder in. She keeps itching. Any tips?

Try to keep it dry. It happens due to heat. You can apply prickly heat powder

My children are 5 year old twins. One of them has a tendency to always trip while playing as he is very hyperactive. What is the first thing to do when he gets hurt and has a bulge mainly in the forehead area.

Unless he shows any symptoms of intracranial injury you don’t have to worry about minor injuries. Just make sure his constant tripping is not an attention seeking behaviour. Sometimes this is seen in twins. Some kids are hyperactive. Put him for some structured sports activity. And don’t worry about minor injuries. Actually they help in building kid’s immunity.

My daughter is 3 years old. She had her lung surgery due to pneumonia and after that surgery she used to complain about stomachache. Her abdomen sonography is clear but she complains. Surgery was done in July last , and she does not take any medicines. She has gastric problems also, it happens only after surgery.

Many times this happens due to gastritis, where there is increased acidity in the stomach which hurts stomach mucosa. Try to improve her diet. Can give her Syp Gelusil 5-10ml twice a day.

Both my girls are 5 and 2 years old. They face stomach pain and difficulty in passing stools. Both love leafy vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water. Is this due to not having them in good quantity?

We as parents feel that our kids are eating well. Sometimes it may not be true. Try keeping a diary of the food items and amount of water /day for a period of 1 week. If it is really sufficient then you may have to bring them to a doctor.

My 5 year old daughter's eyes look yellowish. She always keeps touching it even at night and her eyes become red. She had two root canals of teeth. Is it connected to it?

Yellow sclera is a sign of Jaundice. You need to show to a doctor. Try antibiotic eye drops like Mosiflox drops for 2-3 days . If yellow colour / redness persists please take them to a doctor.

My son is 2 months old and when we take him/ hold him in our hands/arms, he pushes/ stretches himself backwards a lot. Why is it so?

I feel sudden movement startles him. That’s all. Don’t worry.

After the 11th day from my son's birth, I'm advised to give him Nasoclear nasal drops every two hours due to his blocked noses. Right now I'm not giving this as he's not comfortable with this. Should I continue, though I don't think it's helpful to reduce the cold?

If his breathing is normal and if he gets a good sleep, no need to continue using the drops.

In my son's case I have seen a few white hairs. I have also seen white markings on his nails. The diet for both my kids is the same but the one who trips always complains of leg pain hand pain back pain. He looks very tired. He looks a little malnourished. Please suggest. We consulted an Orthopedic doctor. He checked and said just give him hot fermentation. Let's wait and see whether he still complains . But he does complain. Is there any test to be done? What food should be included in his diet? What to be avoided? Please suggest. We are worried for him.

I feel you need to show him to a paediatrician.

Is it fine for a child to get hungry every hour?

Seen in many kids who are hyperactive.

My son is 3 years old and round the year he has little cough, cold and a running nose. What should I do? He has no fever and nutrition is also fairly fine, it's just that I think his immunity is very weak.

Many kids have this problem. Most outgrow as they age. Make him do good physical activity/ sport.

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Mandar Doiphode – First Aid for Kids at Home

Mandar Doiphode – First Aid for Kids at Home

Dr.Mandar Doiphode is a Consultant Gastroenterologist by profession. He is the Chief Interventional Endoscopist at Jupiter Hospital, ONP Hospital and the Director at Gastrohub, Centre of Advanced G I Endoscopy. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Minimally Invasive Surgery, Incisional Hernia,Cosmetic Surgery,Endoscopic Surgery and Colonoscopy. He started Lumina Endoscopy Centers at two places in and around Pune to provide state-of-the-art endoscopy facilities under one roof.