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Hey! Does anybody feel that fitness and exercise is important for us? Hello! Anybody? Well, exercise is really important, and the story I am going to tell
you will definitely prove my point.

Krish was a ten – year old obese boy who was always neglected by the kids of his age. He loved to watch and play cricket, but he couldn’t play well because he was obese. When all the kids went to play, he watched T.V and played video games. His Maa always wanted him to play outdoor games, but Krish refused. His mom finally found out the reason behind it.

She went to Krish’s room and closed the door. That whole hour inside the room with his Maa was probably his most important hour. His Maa explained him what it was like to stay fit and exercise. To start with, she threw away all his chips and soda. When Krish protested, she told him that it was for his own benefit. Krish slowly adapted to his new routine. He woke up early in the morning and did sun salutations before going to school. Then, he did the exercise his Maa had told him. Then came a break and time to eat breakfast. Instead of the bread and bagels that he used to eat every day, he had a fruit like a banana or an apple. In the evening, he went to a basketball court near his house. He kept exercising consistently, and grew stronger, and taller. He could finally play his favorite game, Cricket! He started taking classes and played better than everyone. His coach was impressed and asked him, “How are you so fit?” “Consistency,” Krish replied with a grin.

Written by: Sumedh Narsapurkar