How to spend quality time with your child
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We have twins (a boy & girl) and they are almost 5 years old now. They have started going to school (Nursery) from Monday(s) to Friday(s), I get very busy at work wherein I don’t even get to see them properly as they will sleep off by the time I reach home and next day morning, they will leave early for school. My wife is a homemaker and she manages everything. I try to spend as much time as I can over the weekends but still somewhere I feel it isn’t enough. How & what do you suggest for us to do during the weekends such that we can spend quality time as a family (with a lot of emphasis being given to the kids)?

Wow twins is such a beautiful thing to have … they are already in company with each other and don’t feel lonely.

The best you can do is over the weekends go for some physical activity together and play any sports or art or anything that your kids will enjoy … choose an activity that they like… playing with them even during bath time will be fun during weekends.

My daughter is 13 yrs old. If I restrict her to do anything she quickly loses her temper even if I allow her to do whatever she wants. I have become the cutest mom. Pls suggest how to deal with this.

At this age they are going through a lot of changes physically and mentally and mood swings are quite common.  Try to be friends with her.

I suggest don’t be in a guiding mode all the time, give them a little free hand and if you want to restrict a particular action or activity discuss and explain why you are saying so.

Instructing might look like imposing for them. Put yourself absolutely in her age and talk.

I have a daughter, 5 years old, and a son who is 8 months old. I just get so tied up with household chores and managing the little one that I feel guilty of not being able to take out time for my daughter. It would be helpful if you could give me some insight on how to make the little time I give her fruitful and worth it.

For everything the infant needs, they will cry and demand but your 5 year old needs your attention. She is noticing the attention shifting to the little one, so make a conscious effort to give attention to your 5year old daughter.  Get her with you to do some activity for the baby. Communicate as much as you can with her.

My son is 8 years old. His mind is never stable, neither in studies nor in sports. At times it becomes very difficult to make him sit down and study. Please suggest what kind of quality time should I spend with him.

It’s absolutely alright to be naughty and not stable they just want to play and enjoy and it’s absolutely fine.

To make him study, sit along with him and study with him as though you are also learning … ask questions, let him ask you questions. Try to enjoy that time, don’t feel it like a pressure do it daily. Over a period of time it will just become a habit.

My daughter is 13 years and my son is 8 years. I find it very difficult to maintain my timings with them because their likes and dislikes differ. If I spend more time with my son my daughter gets annoyed and vice versa. Please give some suggestions.

This is very natural with two kids. Just have dedicated timings for each one of them and enjoy your special moments. Let them know how important both of them are for you.

My 10 years old daughter and I used to fall in conflict for any suggestion or idea I give, she almost argues for everything. How to avoid this situation, so that we can spend some good time?

How about trying to acknowledge her ideas for sometime. Give it a shot and I would love to hear from you.

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Tejaswini Pisal

Tejaswini Pisal – Spending Quality Time With Your Child

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