Is your child inclined towards Sports
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Till what age should we give a try to a child to conclude in which sports she is interested? My daughter is 3 years old. Is it better to be involved in many sports or should we focus on one sport?

The best age to begin is above 7 but as early as 5 you can gauge the inclination of the child. The choice should never conclude because as and when children grow, they often change their preferences.

My daughter is 6 years old and not too inclined to any physical activity. How do I get her to get excited about it?

Do you exercise or play sports? If not then you can begin now and take your child along once in a while. Always we have to remember that children will not do what you say, they will only do what you do.

Is it better to involve my child in many sports or should focus on only one sport?

Let the child decide what he/she wants. Parents’ job is to introduce. It’s like we ask the different flavors of ice cream and they choose from them.

My daughter is into badminton but how to manage both sports and academics during 9th and 10th standards?

Prioritization is important. If she is competing Nationally/Internationally then you need to discuss with her coach and manage team how to go about it and find a solution.

What is the starting age to start exercise?

Best age is anything between 7-8 years for focused exercise and other play activities or simple games/sports for ages above 3.

What kind of exercise do you recommend?

The best would be Yoga, Martial Arts, Dancing, Swimming,Cycling,Jogging,Running and playing field/racquet sports.

My twins are 5 years old. One is very slow in things and the other is very hyperactive. Can you suggest a sport to increase the speed for one and to decrease the speed for the other?

I would suggest for the one who is hyperactive, picture or figure puzzles/scrabble/rubik cube to start with, to divert his energy and one activity which they both can learn together is swimming under supervision. You need to be patient with both of them. Over a period of time as they grow, things will easen out.

What kind of play activities and simple games should I introduce? How to strengthen the bone muscle of a child?

Any kind of jarring activities like running, jumping ,martial arts, dancing ,field sports will strengthen the bones of the child and also improve his muscular fitness. Provided that the child is doing activity for 60 minutes daily(no rest day) to improve all the health related fitness components.

My daughter complains of leg pain whenever we go out for walks. She is 9 years old. She does appear to have flat feet just like her Dad. She had Vit D deficiency 2 years ago. Not sure if it still persists.

The first intervention should be helping her with corrective measures for her flat feet(gait correction/customized foot insoles and nutritive correction ). Get her assessed first with an ortho/physio and her nutrition status needs to be assessed too.

My daughter is 3 years old. She had pneumonia and due to that she had surgery 8 months ago and her immunity is very weak. What should I do to build her immunity? Any particular exercise?

Nutrition and physical activity both need to be taken care of which will help her improve her immunity and overall health under the guidance of an expert. Right now in the lockdown there is not much choice than playing indoors but after that you can take her out in the garden to play at least for an hour.

I know that sunlight is very essential for children to get Vitamin D. But nowadays I'm afraid because of Coronavirus and I'm not going to the roof to absorb sunlight. Is it safe to take him to the roof to get sunlight? If yes then when and how long?

15-20 mins before 9:30 am should be fine.

My daughter is 4.5 years old and otherwise healthy though 25 kg and looks wise not fat . She sometimes complains of pain in calves and legs , asks us for a massage. What can be done?

Please get her blood work done for Vit D and B12 and a pedestrian opinion.

Can you also suggest a sport for the one who is very slow and I need to push him too much to get things done from him otherwise he would get distracted or dream. The one who is very active complains a lot about pain in the body. We got him assessed by doctor Vaidya pediatric Ortho. He said nothing and to give him hot fermentation and apply volini when he complains. Still he complains mainly of pain in the back. I have found him tripping and falling a lot and getting hurt. He has started running alot unwantedly and even his teachers have informed me about that.

Swimming is the best for both and cycling comes next.

My son is 5.3 years old. He always feels hungry, I give all types of food, but I don't understand what else to give. Please suggest.

You can give him a lot of fruits(especially bananas), vegetables, whole grain foods/snacks(oatmeal pancakes) , low fat cheese, yoghurt ,dry fruits.

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Rahul Vijay Pendse – Is your child inclined towards Sports

Rahul Vijay Pendse – Is your child inclined towards Sports

Dr. Rahul is a well known Health Consultant and Educator in Exercise and Sports Sciences. He has been experienced in the field of Health, Medicine, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Sports, Conditioning and Yoga for more than 30 years. He has done his Graduation and Post Graduation, certifications in Medicine , Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda, Diet & Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Management, Exercise and Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine Functional Rehab, Children’s Health and Fitness, Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy, Marathon training. He himself has been practicing Yoga since the age of 8 years. Dr. Rahul has been doing Martial Arts(Taekwondo) since the age of 16 years and is doing Natural BodyBuilding since age 20. He has been an avid sportsman playing cricket and table-tennis (till University level).