Myths and Facts about Corona Virus
Expert session Question & Answers

It is said that Ars. Alb. 30 is the homeopathy medicine for Coronavirus. Is it true?

Nope it’s not true at all. None of the medicines have been proven for coronavirus. It is just that we can prevent any viral infection by working on immunity. Homeopathic medicines work best in boosting immunity.

Research is unable to find the exact cause, how it got transferred from bat to human, is it true?

True. It has spread through a snake. As of now the cause is still unknown.

Is Corona found in India?

Nope not yet.

What precautions should we take while going out in public places and when kids go to school what precautions should be taken?

Avoid outside food, cover your face, wash hands properly, drink more water, maintain hygiene.

It is said that now coronavirus is spreading through air as well. Is this true and how can we protect ourselves?

Still not proved. But yes many viruses infect us through droplets coming out while coughing or cold so we need to be cautious when someone around is infected.

What medicine should be taken to boost immunity?

Homeopathic medicines are individual based so nothing specific.

Is it fatal as many say that not all die due to corona.

It is less fatal than swine flu and dengue. It just has a 4% mortality rate.

So once corona is affected will it go if our immunity is improved or it is like aids?

It will go just like other viruses until it gets complicated like pneumonia.

What are the symptoms for kids?

Symptoms are the same for all – headache / cold cough/fever/body ache and weakness in limbs. More complicated cases can have difficulty in breathing and swelling on extremities

Does this spread through water?


Can you please give some precautions?

  1.  Everyday morning have tulsi leaves 
  2. Ginger garlic juice with honey once you are back from work or school
  3. At bedtime milk with ghee and turmeric 
  4. Amla juice / orange juice and other vitamin c  food items between 11-6 
  5. Have peanuts jaggery sesame seeds in winters to boost immunity.

Can we take antibiotics in case we have a cold?

Avoid antibiotics till it’s out of control. Many of the antibiotics are not acting these days because our system has become resistant to them.

So any specific medicine you suggest in homeopathy?

As mentioned we have medicines based on individual approach. General immune boosters like echinacea / alfalfa / ginseng also need to be given after doctors’ prescription.

Also ginger garlic juice should be given in what proportion?

One glass lukewarm water with ten drops of ginger garlic juice. One can also introduce lemon grass tea / parijat flower tea / hibiscus flower  tea / star anise powder tea to boost the immune system.

Please any suggestions on where such tea is available?

That’s natural flowers and herbs. You can grow in your garden.

Any chances of people traveling from India to China or vice versa might carry the virus along with them? It is air borne right?

Yes if the person traveling is exposed to an infected Corona virus Patient. It’s airborne but it’s cause is still unknown.

What do you say about non veg food like chicken, fish, eggs regarding the corona subject?

One precaution while consuming non veg – cook it thoroughly and have with more fibre rich food.

If kids have taken pneumococcal vaccine , is there a possibility that this virus can cause pneumonia to a kid?

Probability is less but as Corona virus is a strong virus so it can impact anyone’s immune if it’s not capable of fighting it.

My child requires one egg daily because of exercise. So should I avoid eggs for the next few months? Or is there any optional food for eggs?

Give omelette. You can give fresh paneer / tofu / sattu atta in water / cheese / avocado.

Is boiled egg a risk doctor?

Nope not really but these days kids are complaining of stomach issues post egg consumption in boiled form. So it depends on egg quality again.

Is there a test available in India to detect the virus?

Yes. NIV has a test kit for it.

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Dr. Nidhi Agarwal - When Teenager's Irregular Periods Is Cause of Concern
Dr. Nidhi Agarwal – Myths and Facts about Corona Virus

Dr.  Nidhi Agarwal – Myths and Facts about Corona Virus

Director at Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre 2008-2019, Dr.Nidhi Agarwal has a great experience in treating and curing many pathological cases with the help of single remedy and creating and building trust in homeopathic medicines efficacy.

Being a Doctor herself she believes in a Medicine free lifestyle and has promoted battling out diseases through Home remedies to the masses through Workshops in schools and colleges and corporate to enable the process of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Being a Homeopathic Pediatrician and a Counsellor , she has been working on the vulnerability of children’s minds in today’s era and also towards child obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle for Children.