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Right exercises for children
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What kind of exercises do you recommend for a child with good height for a strong back at the age of 10 (Boy) since as years pass by, they have to sit a lot for studies. He used to play football, nothing as such now.

Every child requires a sport/exercise activity of at least 60 minutes per day, all 7 days a week without any rest day. So now he should restart football with slow progression every day and apart from that he has to work on his health and skill related fitness components. Yoga is excellent for the back but only Yoga won’t help in building his back. Also only strengthening the back won’t help Overall fitness of which muscular strength and endurance are a part. It has to be improved under guidance.

My daughter is 13 years old. She has been practicing skating and wants to do it professionally. What kind of exercise do you suggest for her? She is 5.6 feet and very thin.

Apart from her sports skill related activities she needs to do strength and conditioning activities with a good S&C coach.

Please let me know one thing, how to increase my daughter's speed and stamina?

First her speed and stamina(aerobic capacity) has to be assessed and then a corrective program done for the same. If you won’t measure it, how will you improve it?

My son is 9 years old and plays basketball one hour weekly 3 days. But he keeps on saying leg pain at night. Is that because he plays. He used to walk with his fore foot, so is it because of that?

Need to assess both. His fitness and Nutritional status

Which exercises a kid should do on an everyday basis? Please suggest some.

For above age 7, Playing any sports/ yoga/martial arts/dancing/cycling/swimming/running etc at least 60 mins a day all 7 days a week is required.

My daughter is 8.8 years old and she goes to karate class and nowadays she has pain in her stomach almost everyday. Why is this and what should be done?

Please consult a pediatrician first to rule out pathological issues, if all is ok then the problem should be with the training (actual activity related /pre and post warm up/stretching).

I am a mother of a 3 year old boy. How much activity and what kind of activities does he need? Currently, he is not going to any ground or any sports activities. I would like to know more about exercise for this age.

Whatever activities he is doing now are enough, as he is crossing his milestones he himself will start increasing his activities.

My daughter is a karate black belt, age 14 years, 5.2 feet. She practices 3-4 days a week for 1.5 hours. She is overweight and needs to build stamina. What do you suggest for this?

As I said before, Assess-Correct-Sustain.

My son is 7 years old and is quite moody. Though he is introduced with swimming, skating, cycling, drawing, etc he seems to lose interest soon. He always wants something new. How to motivate him?

You are the best motivation. Your children will not do what you tell, they will only do what you do. So I would suggest that you too take out time to get involved in these activities with him.

Sometimes it becomes clingy. Children want us too in group play which may be not possible everytime.

Yes, so it has to be a mix and match and children are very sensitive and how you handle this is important.

My daughter will be 8 years now. She is overweight according to the doctor. She goes for Bharatnatyam classes twice a week for one hour. What other exercise can you suggest to maintain her weight. Actually her diet is not much as per weight.

That is the exact reason I suggest health related fitness assessments. Just because a child is overweight doesn’t mean he/she is unfit. There are so many examples wherein inspite of being

in the obese category the child is excellent in many fitness components. That is why measuring the health related fitness components is very important 

  1. Heart Health(Aerobic Capacity- VO2 max)
  2. Muscle Fitness- Muscular Strength, Endurance , Flexibility
  3. Body Composition

Your child’s fitness report card is more important than his school report card.

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Rahul Pendse – Exercise For Children’s Growth And Development

Dr.Rahul is a well known Health Consultant and Educator in Exercise and Sports Sciences. He

has been experienced in the field of Health, Medicine, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Sports, Conditioning and Yoga for more than 30 years. He has done his Graduation and Post Graduation, certifications in Medicine , Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda, Diet & Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Management, Exercise and Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine Functional Rehab, Children’s Health and Fitness, Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy, Marathon training. He himself has been practicing Yoga since the age of 8 years. Dr Rahul did Martial Arts(Taekwondo) since the age of 16 years and is doing Natural BodyBuilding since age 20. He has been an avid sportsman playing cricket and table-tennis (till University level).

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