Running kor Kids
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While walking and breathing what should be the process of breathing?

Take deep breaths, and try to match your breathing with your steps. For example, inhale 3 steps, exhale 3 steps

At what age can a child start running distances like 3km to start with in a marathon. My daughter 2.4 years is very active and runs actively while in play. But I'm not sure whether I can start getting her to participate in marathons yet and that to early in the morning.

Yes I think that is too young an age to do 3km runs, wait till she is 5 years old.

What diet should be given to kids for strengthening of bones and muscles?

  1. Normal home made meals are good enough, avoid too much of fast food, chips, sodas, etc.

Will any other activities like trekking, swimming help in running for kids ? Or its vice versa ?

Yes certainly, variety will keep the kid from getting bored with a single activity

How much outside play is important to kids 6 year old?

Very important, let him play and run outdoors in the fresh air and in a natural setting.

My son has undergone operation on 15 aug for cyst on the back. It's 3 months now. Can he take up running? He is 15 years.

Best to get the go ahead from the doctor before starting

A very happy afternoon sir.. My son is 8 years old on a little healthier side... Recently he has joined cricket coaching out of his own choice. Pls suggest some tips for him.

  1. Any exercise and activity will help, let him continue and encourage him without pressuring or expecting anything out of it. Do your best to facilitate the cricket activity that he has taken up out of his own choice.

Is massage in the leg a must for children who run five kilometers before and after the run?

Avoid before, but afterwards it will surely help.

How many days gap is recommended between two 5 km runs ? His speed is usually between 25-28 minutes.

I think a maximum of 2 such runs per week. Also make him do jumping, sprinting and other agility exercises. Do them in addition to the running, as part of training.

My 9 year old son is very much passionate about football and its skills but not so good in running...and not interested in practicing it,how can I convince him for running practice?

  1. I think since running / sprinting is such an integral part of football, just continuing football practice will improve his running. I dont think a separate training for running is needed.

My children are 15 years old playing professional Badminton. Being a finisher of an Ironman is no easy task. How do u make the mind so strong to accomplish something like this?

For an endeavour such an Ironman, where hours and hours of training for months and years is needed, the motivation has to come from within. If he shows interest in doing it, that’s a good sign, but if you are trying to force him to do it (not saying you are), then there is a high chance he will lose interest or even mentally and physically burnout

Sir, how much maximum distance of running suitable for 5 years old?

3-5 km is best when racing. During training, do run training as well as agility/jumping/sprinting exercises.

What protein can be given to kids? Is it powder protein or eggs? Or any other dietary sources

  1. Unless doing competitive sports, best to stick to natural sources like eggs, chicken, milk, pulses, cheese etc. 

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Atul Godbole - Your Kids Should Run Marathon

Atul Godbole – Participate Your Kids To Run Marathon India

Atul Godbole is a sports coach by profession. He is the founder and head coach of ‘Motiv8 Coaching’, which provides fitness coaching for athletes towards running and for triathlon races.

Atul Godbole – Participate Your Kids To Run Marathon India will be taking session about how kids in India are now actively participating for Marathon Rae. He is passionate about running, triathlon and other endurance activities and believes that it is an excellent path to a healthy and fit lifestyle through continuous self- improvement. He is passionate about helping others achieve the same.

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His achievements include completion of 15 Full Marathons, 30+ half marathons, Ironman Western Australia finisher, completed the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, South Africa which is a 56km ultra marathon on tough terrain , 3 times Comrades finisher, among several others.

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