Seasonal Allergies and it's Home Remedies
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My son is 7 years old. He has coughing problem,usually dry but at times with phlegm as well..once the cough start it’s uncontrollable.

Try giving him lukewarm water with one teaspoon turmeric and jyeshtamadh ( mulethi or licorice root powder ) with honey at bedtime

My mother suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis. Her feet swell up significantly due to even the smallest physical strain.Of course she is invariably in pain due to arthritis.

Ask her to avoid dairy products and for swelling give her lukewarm water with few drops  of ginger juice and jaggery after meals

I have 3 years and 11 months boys. They catch cold very easily. I need to give cold medicines very frequently

Try giving them turmeric milk at bedtime with one teaspoon ghee

My daughter has allergic cough. As and when the season changes she develops cough . What is the cure because I have tried nebulizing also

For allergic cough try to increase the water intake of ur child and also avoid milk and leafy veggies

Normally in the morning when I get up I start sneezing and its non stop in row. Then my throat started paining. Its really difficult to control then. What should i do?

Before sleeping have lukewarm water with jaggery and pinch of cinnamon and few drops of lemon.As soon as u wake up sip the same water again than step down from bed

My son is 6yr old, having small pimples type things on his both cheek close to ear side...Since last 1-2 yrs

At the age of 6 it can’t be pimples. They must be sebaceous cyst ( white colour pimple ) ! Although can’t prescribe without seeing still try dabbing turmeric and lemon paste at bedtime on it

My daughter is 15 years old and she has continuously facing acne problem on her face and back

That’s hormonal!  Need to see to comment. Still u can apply tea tree oil daily at bedtime and use fresh aloe Vera gel post that

I have recently shifted to noida from Bangalore. What should I give my family to keep pollution sickness at bay ?

You can give everyone tulsi water empty stomach and before bedtime lukewarm water with ajwain turmeric and ginger

Suggest some remedies for immunity boosting for kids and for adults

For immunity – have tulsi water daily Morning and turmeric milk at night

My son of 10 yr old sufferers frequent throat pain.We avoid junk foods,ice cream & fried items.But no use.

He might be having pharyngitis so try to gargle with salt water and as he wakes up give him lukewarm water with turmeric and pinch of cinnamon and honey

My daughter is 12 years old. She has dry skin right from her birth. Last year onwards, as the winter prevails her skin becomes very rough patchy itcy and even do texture becomes like scales... All these problems normalises when summer starts... Even on her inner thighs inner elbows a darker tone patch arises with lots of itching.

Hi Vinita ThTs due to internal dryness – try applying coconut oil mixed with olive oil and neem oil in the ratio ( 7:2:1) on her skin at least thrice a day. Also include ghee / cheese / butter / eggs and fish if non veg

My grandson often has sore throat ... some doctors say tonsillitis should be removed , some say it's not needed, really confused , he on antibiotics often, how to avoid this , pls guide

You do not need to remove his tonsils as after the age of ten, his immune system will take care. As of now everyday ask him to do gargle and steam; also give him lukewarm water with ginger and honey post meals

My daughter Is 19 yrs old and has recently started getting yellow pimple heads...please advise.

Ask her to wash face with cetaphil face wash and apply tea tree oil at bedtime . You can also apply nutmeg powder on big pimples

My daughter 10yrs old she is having dust allergy

Give her lukewarm water with lemon and honey as she comes from school and give tulsi water with ginger in Morning

Suggest Something to improve vision

Consume papaya / carrot and do Tratak Kriya

My daughter is 10yrs old. She is having very small pimples on her forehead and back and she is having dandruff too. Please suggest.

For pimples apply chandan powder with turmeric and rose water. For dandruff apply onion juice / curd water with honey

Hair Loss remedy for my 10 year old daughter

Apply methi powder with curd water for ten minutes before bath ( only on scalp )

My younger is 10.She had increased adenoids,Have not got it tested for last 2 years .But she has cold problem all throughout n increases during winter

For adenoids u need to get it checked once . For immune try giving her lukewarm water and jyeshtamadh churna/ also u can try Septilin.

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Dr Nidhi Agarwal - Allergies And Home Remedies
Dr Nidhi Agarwal – Allergies And Home Remedies

Dr Nidhi Agarwal – Allergies And Home Remedies

Director at Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre 2008-2019, Dr.Nidhi Agarwal has a great experience in treating and curing many pathological cases with the help of single remedy and creating and building trust in homeopathic medicines efficacy.

An energetic Ficci flo member, Dr.Nidhi is an activist of ”With Love (NGO)” and Cancer Care Aids Organisation. Dr.Nidhi is a great promoter for the upliftment of the girl child and has contributed immensely for the Woman centric projects for emancipation of Women in urban and rural areas by Actively initing the Ficci Flo Marathon for social cause and girl child education.

She has worked with Team Miracle for the initiation of a cleaner and greener environment and plastic free lifestyle by being an Eco Warrior and promoting reuse and recycling of plastic waste.

She has also worked with Team Miracle in supporting the Paraplegic Soldiers in their project to generate funds for the participation of the brave hearts in the Paralympics.

The Session

Dr Nidhi Agarwal – Allergies And Home Remedies will be the topic where she will be taking the session at upcoming 5To15 event.

Being a doctor herself she believes medicine free lifestyle and has promoted battling out diseases through home remedies to the masses through workshops. She also collaborates with the schools and colleges and corporate to able the process of embracing a healthy lifestyle.

About Dr. Nidhi Agarwal

Being a Homeopathic Pediatrician and a Counselor. She has been working on the vulnerability of children’s minds in today’s era. Dr. Nidhi also handles  child obesity issues and promoting a healthy lifestyle for children.