Aaryan Chaubal - Winner Of IIT Powai

Aaryan, The Bot Builder, is a 14-year-old student of the Victorious Kids Educares, Pune. Aaryan Chaubal was the youngest Bot-Builder to compete at the prestigious IIT Powai in 2018! Throughout the course of this competition, Aaryan demonstrated impeccable leadership skills and led a team of 4 young bot builders under the guidance and teaching of their gurus at ‘lydnow robotics’. Aaryan and his team won the competition in a record time of 1.38 mins. In his own words “ in no way feel that age plays a role in deciding who can do what and who cannot, it is experience, knowledge, strength, and integrity that decide a person’s true inner character”

Aaryan Chaubal - Winner Of IIT Powai, 15 yrs is a Robotics championship speaks on complex skills to build a robot. Hear him share his journey of winning and conquering irrespective of age. He has completed 5 levels of Robotics and Automation training with Lydnow Robotics. Presently he is in 9th grade and has represented Lydnow Robotics at IIT Techfest 2015 and 2018 where his team won Cozmo Clench competition. His team was competing with teams from 150+ engineering colleges.

Aaryan Chaubal - Winner Of IIT Powai conveys that,  "Lyndnow Robotics is a great institution and is doing a great job at taking care of its students, making sure they succeed and pursue their dreams" It is a very well-structured and standardized system, of course me being an old student still admire the rawness that the course used to have, where we didn't know what to do but we would team up and figure things out to complete our design tasks.

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