Sheriar Mazda

Now 12 years old, Sheriar Mazda started playing soccer at the age of 2 years. Having won several tournaments with his team, he has now started his own training called ‘Sheriar Soccer School’.He trains children 10 years and below with the basic skills and tricks of soccer earning money for this every weekend. He was the highest scorer in the Bishops invitational soccer match and also in the inter soccer club matches organized by Hotfoot. Along with this he takes Rubik cube classes and teaches kids how to solve the Rubik's cube too. His mission to earn was to have some pocket money using his talents/skills to support the underprivileged. He has a heart for the hungry/homeless and gives out blessing packets of meals on most weekends.

Latest Update on February 2020 Sheriar attended Rabindranath Tagore School day as a STAR CHILD. He gave a speech there to motivate and inspire the children to let the kids do something with their lives now. He also visited an orphanage donated soccer balls and taught the boys aged 10-16 some soccer tricks.