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I want my child to enjoy the learning journey throughout. Learning any topic has to be engaging and fun. Exams should just be a means of validating the same. Is this correct?

Correct, we need to develop some methods of teaching, giving quality time. Exam time is a very crucial time for every child. If they are not prepared then they will keep a distance from that subject. He will give excuses. If he is in mobile and digital addiction then he needs that time more than subject revision. He may face pressure on subjects and syllabus. He may be facing some emotional pressure. First, try to understand his status in preparation of all the subjects. Just select the subjects and topics which are not ready with preparations. Put your efforts in a productive direction, where the efforts will give you results that you want. So make it your personal goal. Take authority with silence and happy moods. Give him courageous thoughts on the topics where he is confident.

Can you advise on strategies when the child has lost interest in a subject due to poor teaching methods at school? Can you give examples of such platforms?

Digital learning can help with our involvement so that he will not get distracted. Mark some sites where you will get trust in the knowledge we are getting from that lecture. Just give him the task to listen, then ask questions and interact on that topic. Every action in giving a task should be time-bound, with our sincere follow up. Eg- SST- pick one lesson on forests, give him time to understand from resources he has. Interact on the topic with adding your thoughts.

We can use some of our traditional games like snakes and ladder, house coins, scrabble, word games, storytelling and building which can give them fun and learning. Especially for SST.

How do we eliminate the stress component of the exams?

Calculate the marks, with the possibility in percentage. Write on paper all the marks and design the syllabus to give him confidence with study and concept clearing with writing practice. 


  1. Give them an open talk platform.
  2. Try to understand the problems he is facing.
  3. Give him motivation and your support.
  4. Make it a goal in both ways.
  5. Design the possibilities in marks.
  6. Give him the courage to face the exam.
  7. Keep your home positive environment pro with happy thoughts only.
  8. Give some moments for meditation with them.
  9. Involve all family members in this achievement. 
  10. Curd and sugar are for their peaceful mind with your support.


  1. Avoid calling relatives or friends for any celebrations.
  2. Don’t give him the fear of any future plan or pressure of marks.
  3. Don’t involve him in panic thoughts and situations.
  4. Don’t carry your work pressure inside the home.
  5. Keep negative personalities away from them.
  6. Avoid oily, spicy food.
  7. Avoid night study without sleep.
  8. Don’t make studies as a serious topic; play with it as per his interests and hobbies.
  9. Avoid watching the news which is not related to his knowledge and study matter required. 
  10. Don’t raise your hand to beat. Just hug him and explain it with reasons.


While-Reading Books

if your Observations-

  1. Wrong words
  2. Clarity affects
  3. Flashes
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Sweating 
  6. Shaking of body
  7. Memory loss

Some stress symptoms, we observe. Hold them.

  1. I don’t like exams.
  2. I am not able to recall the answers.
  3. Why are there exams?
  4. I don’t want to write.
  5. I know the answer but unable to write.

Some statements like these.

1) Lack of purpose –   If not study then what else?

2) Lack of giving & take policy – Are you over providing? 

3) Lack of involvement of parents – Are you giving 5 minutes daily? 

To build will power- what you do?

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Manjusha Bhaskarwar
Manjusha Bhaskarwar – Support during Exam time

Manjusha Bhaskarwar –  Support during Exam time

Manjusha Bhaskarwar is the Director at Bon Debut. She is a Career Transition Expert, Trainer, Motivational Speaker-Parenting. She has done LLB, Masters in Fine Arts Research in Improvisation Theatre and has been an Education Career Transition Expert for more than 12 years. Manjusha Bhaskarwar developed the concept of Dazzling club for the overall development of children. She takes one on one coaching and counseling for children and takes Parenting sessions as well.

She works for career development of all age groups with respect to resume and selection of areas where one can excel. Her Specialization is in using Improvisations and warm-ups as an effective Trans-formative tool in her workshops.