Nidhi Agarwal – How To Keep Your Children Healthy During Winter

Taking care of your Child's Health in Winter
Expert session Question & Answers

Any particular change in food is required in winter?

In winters we need to concentrate more on water, ghee, soups and seasonal fruits.

What about giving children eggs daily in this season?

Eggs is a full meal. One can consume it in the morning everyday. But try to include carbs as eggs might give bloating.

Are giloy tablets useful during season change. How can Giloy be given to kids?

Instead of tabs I would prefer you get giloy plant ( take its stem and two leaves and boil the water to half and give to kids with honey ).

My daughter is 8.5 years old. Her weight is 21 kg only. What should I give her for weight gain?

Try giving her banana shake / dry fruits shake and also raisins with kesar in the morning.

My 2.4 year old daughter is affected by cough every time there is a weather change and I need to be over cautious in Winters and cover her completely from head to toe. Any suggestions on this problem? Also, which fruits to avoid if any during Winters and which fruits to surely consume during Winters.

For cold and cough in winters give them tulsi water in the morning and turmeric milk at night . Before they go out in the open air put cotton in ears . In winters all fruits can be consumed between 10-5. All seasonal fruits especially berries / custard apple / etc .

My 12 year old daughter has frequent cold/cough/wheezing. How to build immunity?

For immunity give ajwain ginger and garlic watwr everyday post dinner and also for wheezing give jaggery in lukewarm water post meals.

What can be done for extremely dry skin?

Include ghee / water / and apply coconut oil mixed with olive and almond oil on skin.

What is the home remedy for chapped, cracked lips?

Apply almond oil mixed with mustard oil in your navel before sleep and also clean your lips with rose water at night and apply glycerine one drop mixed with water.

My child is 5 yrs old, his weight is 15 kg. What should I do for weight gain? And he always feels the heat in his body.

There can be some deficiency if he feels heated up. Try giving spinach carrot beet juice / more ghee in diet and give jaggery and dry fruits ladoos.

My daughter is 14 years old. What should I give her for vitamin deficiency?

If she has any vitamin deficiency than give her more fruits, eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, ghee, white butter, coconut water, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds.

My son is 13 years old and as and when climate changes he is having cough and cold. What should be done? Should I give him a course of Allegra?

It shows he has weak immune and hormones might also be playing a role – so give lukewarm water with ajwain and ginger post meals with honey. Allegra is an anti allergic ( he might need an anti inflammatory if it’s due to weather and if it’s due to weak immune than none of it will work )

What to give to Increase appetite?

Give raw ginger with a pinch of salt and lemon before meals or make your kid eat papaya and raw tomato everyday.

My son is 8.5 years old . Nowadays he is feeling very tired and his legs are always paining. What could be reason for tiredness as he was never like this before.

That can be a bone pain as it happens in growing age when hormones change . Try giving him lukewarm water with lemon and honey post lunch / and give more proteins in diet / also include more water and ghee . Besides that instead of supplements I would suggest give them dry fruits / seeds / nuts on a regular basis.

My 12 year daughter has severe eye allergy - often in the morning when she gets up , eyes are red and stuck, also hurting. Often eyes watering. Please suggest good home remedy - none of doctor prescribed eye drops have helped.

Apply triphala ghee one drop around eyes at bedtime ( you can get in any ayurvedic store ) or apply one drop almond oil mixed with few drops of rose water around eyes. Also dab her eyes with an ice pack and than apply cucumber slices on eyes. Mostly her eyes are allergic, so better keep her away from gadgets or eye strain ( ask her to do anulom Vilom and tratak daily )

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Dr.Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi Agarwal – How To Keep Your Children Healthy During Winter

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal is a Medical Practitioner and Doctor. She is a homeopathic paediatrician and wellness coach by profession. She runs her health centre – Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre in Viman Nagar, Pune. Nidhi Agarwal is a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care. Her expertise lie in the fields of nutrition, lifestyle, counselling for children and parents. Nidhi Agarwal believes in the holistic improvement of mind in unison with the body. She also specialises in providing behaviour therapy for kids and parents.

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