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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool Your Child

The concept of homeschooling has gained popularity recently, with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting worldwide. With schools been shut, children have been in “homeschooling” mode for many months. Perhaps, we all have been forced upon accepting the decision of online homeschoolNow that we are into this situation, let us ponder over if homeschooling your child can be the best way to educate in

So, let us get clarity about what is homeschooling?

The idea of educating children at home has also gained momentum. The advent of homeschooling education has its roots back in time in a country like India. Prior to the introduction of the education laws, parents used to educate their children at home itself.

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Homeschooling your child is a very serious and personal decision, it requires dedication, patience, and hard work to raise the home-schooled children. In case if you are wondering if educating your child at home is a better option than the traditional school setting you may want to read the reasons why here:

Give one-on-one attention, customizing education

There are kids who are great with the studies and there are some who lag.  The best homeschooling programs will give your child gives you the freedom to customize the education so that your child can catch up with the subjects more difficult or offer a more challenging curriculum to boost confidence.An online home school programs also provide a professionally developed curriculum, that comes with regularly scheduled instruction from the teacher in a virtual environment, plus one-on-one support when needed.

Child’s unique interests and passion are encouraged

Your child may have a keen interest in the following art, for instance, or like to do math or read comic books.In a traditional school setting, those interests are never encouraged by the teachers because to complete the course curriculum. So, when parents home school their child, you encourage their passions, and to use those passions to teach a host of other subjects. Children learn and grow incredibly well when their individual strengths are acknowledged and encouraged.

Children learn to become to be independent individuals

Homeschooling teaches children to become independent individuals from a young age. Children when studied in traditional schools have limited interaction with teachers. They are automatically trained to take orders and study what said. This often results in either excessive shyness or excessive acting out. The kids who have been home-schooled have a very different perspective of adults and are able to learn how to behave like reasonable people. It is a valuable form of socialization, one which your kids’ school counterparts don’t receive until much later in life.

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Set schooling schedules that are in sync with your family’s schedule

Some families have busy schedules with travel or interests with sports, etc., that don’t fit into the structured hours offered at traditional school settings. Online homeschool offers more flexibility, as well as the ability to create a custom plan for a homeschool curriculum that is tailored to your child’s interests and personality and most importantly suiting his/her academic capabilities.

Provide extra support with a kid having learning disabilities or special needs

Traditional classroom settings are not well suited to kids whose physical needs and learning abilities require different approaches and care. Hence, you can seek homeschool groups near me these are the groups that take in the homeschooling approach meant for kids with special needs.

Protect your children from bullying Negative experiences and bullying are part of traditional school. Bullying and influences from peer pressure can not only be distracting to the learning process but also damaging to a child’s well-being. With school at home, you choose the amount and type of socialization your family needs, developing a custom plan for each child.

You get to learn as much your kids do Most of us have some gaps from our time in school, especially if it’s been quite a long time since we learned about a specific topic. Homeschooling online programs let you explore a subject together with your children. Rather than the typical learning approach, homeschooling gives you the opportunity to learn about the in-depth of a subject, so that you can discuss the most interesting aspects of it, and to explore with your child while he/she is learning.

These are just a few significant reasons of why homeschooling for your child may be right for you. Online schooling is an option that gives your child the best of both worlds: the support of a professional education facilitated with engaging teachers using the Internet, plus the comfort of your own home where you can be sure your child’s needs are met. You’ll be an active participant in the learning process as your child’s “Learning Coach” by participating in our upcoming webinar. To register click here.