Viral Infections
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Both my children get nodules around their neck, ear very often and suffer to eat or drink and also attend music classes. What can be done?

Okay, their immunity needs to be improved.

What should be done if someone is feeling throat pain and having breathing problems? This has not been regular and has just started.

Vitamin C, zinc, selenium, echinacea will help.

My 9 year old son gets a cough and cold very easily. He suffers from it almost every month or so. What can we do here to improve his immunity?

He needs nutrients. Vit C, B complex, zinc, selenium, plus herbs are recommended.

My son aged 12 years develops a bad cold and cough during this season - probably the pollen grain allergy. Otherwise his immunity is okay and he swims throughout the year. Is there anything I can give him before the spring season starts to avoid this allergy ?

Yes. The same nutrients I mentioned above plus remove all forms of dairy.

What food items to consume to meet this requirement. Or do we need to take tablets?

When you are depleted you will need to take supplements initially, afterwards your body can get nutrients from food.

What can I do to cure the frequent cold of my child?

Zinc and vitamin C improve recovery time quickly. Fresh amla juice and oranges are high in Vit C. Also make sure they are getting enough Vit D. Sun exposure plus supplements might be required if deficiency is very bad.

Any suggestions on brand or nutrients ?

That depends on level of deficiency

Can you please suggest some foods that would meet the requirements to cure throat pain and also build immunity?

Citrus fruits, amla especially is very good for Vit C, for Zinc pumpkin seeds are a good source. Here is a general recommendation for improving immunity: Lots of citrus fruits- Vit C, lots of yellow orange fruits and vegetables- pumpkin, carrot- for Vitamin A, nuts and seeds for zinc, brazil nuts for selenium specially. Avoid dairy as it often feeds pathogens and creates mucus in the body. Remove all processed food from diet and any form of sugar. This will help improve immunity. In addition, here is something I want to say. Viruses are microscopic beings that lack the capacity to thrive and reproduce outside of a host body.  Every human being is already a host to trillions of different viruses. We actually have 360 trillions as a part of our microbiome. 

We don’t have to fear them, including this coronavirus. One more way to build immunity is reduce stress.

My daughter is 7 years old and she usually has nose blockage due to intramuscular tissue from the last two years in this season. What can I do?

If it’s a physical issue then an ENT is the best person to take a look at it

My son is 15 years old. He always suffers from a cold and has difficulty in talking. Please suggest.

We are offering free consultations for specific questions after the session.

So that means, we should get some blood work done before deciding on which nutrients to give?

Ideally, yes.

My son does not eat vegetables and fruits. Please help what to do because his immune power will be weak if he does not eat these food items.

That requires a change in eating habits.

You said to remove any form of sugar from the diet. What about honey or gur?

Honey is okay to have if it is raw, organic and unprocessed

My son’s age is 11 years and he is overweight (45 kg). Any recommendations?

Please contact us for a free consultation as there might be underlying reasons including pre-diabetes that is triggering this.

What is it a person should take to make his or her immune power strong while they are suffering from high BP?

Please register for the consult as this is a specific case that needs digging deeper.

Elders tell us not to give grapes and oranges and lemonade to kids if they have a sore throat. What is your take?

It is absolutely okay to give grapes and oranges and lemon water. None of these cause a cold. These are loaded with immunity boosting phytonutrients and antioxidants and they help the body more than harm it.

What about bananas? Do they cause mucus production in the body?

No they don’t, bananas have a prebiotic fiber which actually helps the good bacteria in your body. Plus bananas have antiviral and antibacterial compounds. Dairy is a bigger offender when it comes to mucous than any fruits. Because dairy creates inflammation.

Can diabetic patients have grapes and bananas?

Absolutely. We’ve healed and reversed so many diabetes cases with the power of fruits. Mangoes are okay too. Fruits are unnecessarily villainized. The key is to get to the root cause of your diabetes and find out what’s causing it. Once we find that out then we can reverse it. Especially if it is type-2.

How to overcome dust allergy?

Yes, sure. There was another question about pollen allergy too so in our experience we’ve seen that if a liver is not working well, allergies are worse. As the liver heals, allergies reduce.

So what general diet changes can we incorporate into our lives to improve that (diabetes)?

Cut down on fat, include more fresh fruits and veggies but I’d honestly recommend first looking at your blood tests and then figure out the strategy.

Can you tell us about Coronavirus because the fear is spreading rapidly.

If there’s one thing the last 2 weeks have shown us, it’s that even a tiny virus can create unprecedented levels of fear. Here’s the thing, *There is no need to be afraid of it if you have a strong immune system.* 

And that’s the _root cause of most people’s fear_- the ‘not knowingness’ of whether they/ their loved ones *have a chance against an invisible virus.* Given how easily the current one is spreading, most of us are going to be exposed to it. Relax though, because Thrive’s here to help you shield yourself. *Our personalized coaching program will teach you how to strengthen your immune system within a month with food, herbs, supplements and other practices.* Do this not only for yourself but also give this program to your spouse’s/ parents or anyone whose life you are worried about.

Heard that cervical cancer vaccine is very important for girls these days. Your view about it please

I would recommend staying off any vaccines altogether. Vaccines contain mercury, aluminium and undisclosed ingredients. Many of them have shown to trigger autism, adhd and other associated neurological impairments plus a whole host of side effects. Vaccination can cause a whole lot of problems. It is better to build immunity naturally and allow a viral infection to come and go rather than vaccinate against it.

So is it okay to not vaccinate a child at all since he is born because a well known doctor in Kolkata also opposes the administration of vaccines but it has been drilled into our heads so strongly that we get scared if we miss even a single vaccination for our children.

Yes, it is absolutely okay to not vaccinate. The website I shared earlier has many many research papers that showcase why vaccines are just another way for big pharma to make money and the reason I opened the topic here is. Do not take any of the new vaccines that will come up for this virus that’s causing so much panic.

What would you recommend for kids of age 13 if they have cough/ flu like symptoms?

Turmeric, ginger, raw garlic, oranges, organic strawberries, lots of rest, whole grains like jowar, bajra, dals and pulses.

You said that there is no proof that vaccines work. But basic vaccines are administered before discharging the infant immediately after delivery. What about those? The hospital says they are mandatory before discharge.

For now we have no control over those. Yes I know. For now, we can refuse the ones that are not mandatory.

How much elderberry syrup should I give and how many times?

Please register for consultation. Needs a longer discussion.

Oranges/ grapes / lemons, any upper limit per day?

None. Just make sure they are organic.

Should I give my kids (3.8 and 7.5 year old) elderberry syrup? How much should I give? Also which brand and why are they so costly?

Yes you can. Depends on the brand and the ingredients. I can’t make that recommendation here. They are expensive because they aren’t local, they come from the US/ Canada.

What is elderberry syrup?

It’s a super potent antiviral made with a fruit called elderberries. You’ll find it on amazon as either elderberry syrup or sambucus.

Regarding ignoring dairy from the diet to reduce cold, nodules and cough. Curd is a staple diet in our household as we are vegetarians. Is there any alternative?

It’s a habit we have.There are many non dairy alternatives for curd. Cashew curd, sunflower seed curd, watermelon seeds curd. They sound weird but taste yum.

I used to give bifilac to my son whenever he had a stomach problem. Of course only on prescription. My doctor said if he can have curd that's a better alternative.

Yes, I know. A lot of medical professionals recommend curd for its probiotic benefits. About 4-5 years back even I used to recommend it.

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Viral Infections – Mugdha Pradhan

Mugdha Pradhan – Viral Infections

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