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What is “5to15” ?

“5 to 15” is an initiative for Young Achievers filled with inspiration ,passion and dreams empowering the Youth Of Tomorrow.

This platform is for children aged 5-15 years who are spending time for their passion in Sports, any Talent they are pursuing, for Fitness , a Social or Environmental cause , an Innovation or even running their own venture at this age .

The platform(website)will feature every child who has achieved something worth sharing with the world in the above categories. Every child hence will get an opportunity to get visibility on the website, Facebook page and You tube channel.

You can nominate your child to get him/her featured if you feel his passion can inspire other children in the same age group.

Hum Hain Hero event on 15th September in Pune

We are organizing an event called “Hum Hain Hero” for children above 9 years where 15 kids from our featured Heroes will be speaking about their inspiration and journey.

You could register for yourselves and your child above 9 years.

We would be organizing similar events regularly involving children featured on our platform.

Why 5 to 15?

Get Inspired
Meet Our Heroes
Experience sharing
Young Achievers
Story telling
Dream big
Get visibility
Meet prospects
Meet Our Heroes
Brand with Heroes

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