5 to 15 Kids Talk Club

 “ 5 to 15 Kids talk club ”  Introducing A Unique Platform

Public Speaking or speaking out in small or large groups is a Life Skill that cannot be underestimated.

5 to 15 launched its Kids Talk Club in January 2023, after working with children for three years and organizing over 200 events.

Talk Shows are our unique platform which have been appreciated by all parents. It gives children an opportunity to put across their thoughts in a structured manner in front of an audience.

Our Talk Shows have varied topics right from daily life topics to topics that tickle the imagination of children.

We work with children closely  grooming them for these talk shows, explaining different concepts of public speaking and how they should deliver their speech seamlessly .

If you have a child in the age group of 5-15 years and want him/her to take advantage of this platform do reach out to us.

Upcoming Mega April Talk Show

Date: 8th April Venue: BORI Auditorium, Pune


Registration Open for 8-15 years

Option 1

If the child is confident in Public Speaking and spoken earlier on stage can register directly for the Talk Show.

Option 2

If child is confident on stage having no  stage fear and would like to attend few workshops with us to understand the techniques of public speaking can register for the workshops and we will help prepare for the talk show.

We shall ask for a one minute talk by the child through a video to give our opinion on which option should the child go for.

In either case, please apply through the form below

Apply Here

Why Talk Shows?

5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Get Inspired
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Meet Our Heroes
Experience sharing
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Young Achievers
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Story telling
Dream big
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Get visibility
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Meet prospects
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Meet Our Heroes
5 to 15 Hum Hai Hero
Brand with Heroes