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Introduction to “5 to 15” platform

“5 to 15” is a public platform for Young Achievers in the age group of 5 to 15 years whose passion,dreams and achievements are showcased giving them huge visibility.

This acts as a big inspiration to other children who are motivated to pursue their passion and become excellent at what they do.

Whether it is Sports , a humanitarian cause ,an innovative venture or a unique talent ,we at “5to15”will endeavor to showcase this special quality to the world.

How would we create Visibility for these super talented children ?

  • Online Visibility

We believe the Digital World is a huge opportunity for us to showcase these Heroes as this helps them go beyond their local space .

We hence using our Website, Facebook , Instagram and YouTube to create this visibility.

  • Offline Visibility

We will be hosting events in the form of Talk Shows , Talent Shows , Exhibit Shows etc to ensure the Hero gets visible and can network with other children to inspire them and motivate them to follow their own passion.

We hope that through this initiative we can build an Ecosystem where Children,Parents,Schools and other Stakeholders come together to recognize , appreciate and nurture Talent as a critical input to Nation Building.

We invite you to come forward and nominate your Unique Child.

Why 5 to 15?

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